Established in 1970, Haim Givati & Co. is a highly regarded boutique law firm in Israel, renowned for its impeccable reputation in Israeli real estate law. With a focus on providing legal services to clients worldwide, our team of experienced real estate attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of Israeli property laws, including the intricacies of purchase tax in Israel, and can guide you through the entire process, ensuring your interests are protected and your objectives are met.

At Haim Givati & Co., we take pride in our personalized approach, blending expertise and attention to detail to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions in Israel. Our real estate attorneys are fluent in English and Hebrew, ensuring clear communication and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. We have established a strong network within the industry, forging valuable partnerships with key players in the Israel real estate market, enabling us to provide top-notch legal representation for clients seeking real estate or properties throughout the country.


Haim Givati Z"L

The founder of the firm, bringing 50 years of experience, Haim specializes in all facets of corporate law, real estate law, planning and construction law, contract law, tender law and litigation. In addition, he has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and construction projects. Prior to founding the law firm, he worked as an economist in the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, conducted economic surveys on various sectors of the economy. Haim studied Law, Economics and History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sadly, Haim passed away in December 2023, leaving the legacy he built to his son, Yair.

Yair Givati

Yair was born and raised in Israel but spent some time in the UK & US to further his education, and understand the “Anglo” mentality. As a native Israeli he understands how to navigate Israeli bureaucracy but is also able to provide a personalized and efficient service to his English-speaking clients and guide them through the process of buying property in Israel. With a passion for law, contracts and taxation, Yair uses his experience and vast knowledge of the taxation system to help his clients find the best solutions for their particular situations. Yair studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Zevi Wruble

Zevi advises clients on a range of commercial and civil matters, with an emphasis on real estate law, estate planning, corporate law and litigation. 

He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with degrees in law and social work, providing both professional and human services of the highest degree. Zevi was born and raised in Israel and is the son of American olim. As a native English speaker, he is able to advise his English speaking clients on all aspects of buying property in Israel.

He lives in Efrat with his wife Yosefa and their four girls. 

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