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Legal Guidance

We guide you through every step of the legal process.

Bureaucracy Easy

Make your dealings with bureaucracy in Israel as sparse and as straightforward as possible.


We provide a “one stop shop” – manage all your business and legal needs in one place.

Real Estate

We manage the entire process of the purchase of the client’s properties or investments. From the point in time a client chooses the property they wish to purchase, we begin with legal checks of the property, the negotiations on the contract, the signing of the purchase agreement, payments, taxes, mortgage process, taking possession and transferring title to your name. 

We will guide you and accompany you from start to finish, make sure you are protected and understand every step along the way. 

We manage the whole process of the sale of the client’s property(ies) or investment(s). Starting from assessing the true value of their property(ies), seeking the best way to find a buyer, negotiations, signing of the sale agreements, receiving payments, taxes, and giving possession of the apartment.  

We will guide you and accompany you through the entire process, make sure you are never at risk, and help you navigate through all bureaucracy. 

We negotiate the lease, make sure your rights and money are secured, especially according to the recent changes in the fair rental law. 

If a client needs help finding a rental apartment or renting out their existing property, we can refer them to trustworthy professionals in the field who can assist with this.

Tama 38 are unique and challenging real estate projects in Israel. They were created by the Israeli government to try and help strengthen older buildings to make sure they will withstand earthquakes. 

Such projects are long term projects, include many unique features, benefits for the owners, but also hold many pitfalls which one must know how to navigate and avoid. It’s a special conditioned contract between the owners, the builder and future buyers.

Our office currently represents about 15 such projects in different stages. We only represent owners in such projects to avoid conflict of interests. 

In any transaction you make, there are always tax ramifications and issues that arise. Whether buying property, starting a business, establishing a company, transferring money etc., we will find you the best tax solution. We take pride in tax planning and try to minimize the taxes involved with any transaction our clients take. A small mistake in the plan can lead to thousands and thousands of unnecessary tax payment. Therefore, we assess each client’s status closely, and build a full customized tax plan based on the personal status or business of the clients. 

We are highly experienced with the zoning laws all over Israel, and can consult you on such matters and how to improve your situation.

Corporate – Business

The corporate law is becoming more and more complex. We specialize in setting up companies, including offshore corporations. We can consult and advise how to best structure your new business or Not-For-Profit. The way you structure your corporation may change your obligations, requirements, and tax liabilities. With the right guidance and counseling, you can save a lot of hassle and money.
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