Netanya: An insight into buying with Maxine Marks

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As interest in Netanya grows, we recognize the importance of offering accurate and informed perspectives. This month, we sat down with our friend and top agent in Netanya, Maxine Marks, who brings a wealth of expertise and local knowledge to answer your questions. 

Shalom! I’m Maxine Marks, proud owner of Luxury Property in Israel. Originally from the UK, I’ve been living in Netanya since 1988. My journey into real estate started in 2011 after years in marketing and sales, but my heart has always been in Netanya, where I truly understand the pulse of the city and its vibrant community. Luxury Property in Israel is a true family business, with all my kids working alongside me to provide exceptional service and expertise to our clients. 

Oh, Netanya runs deep in my veins! I’ve been approached numerous times to run for mayor—talk about feeling like part of the family! 

  • Ramat Poleg and Ir Yamim are essentially luxury living areas by the sea! Think breathtaking properties and a community that’s like a perpetual social gathering. The community really covers every sector! And everything is within walking distance, whether it’s the mall, the “piano”, or the beach. 
  • Then there’s South Beach—a quieter vibe, perfect for those who crave their own slice of paradise away from the hustle. But you’ll need your own form of transport – not everything is necessarily accessible by foot. 
  • Then you’ve got Nitza boulevard (North Netanya), which has fabulous views from the towers and has nice coffee shops on the boulevard – it’s more for retirees. 
  • You’ve also got Kiryat Hasharon (East Netanya) which tends to be more for younger professionals in the hi-tech scene.  

All these areas have great synagogues and lovely communities, along with many anglos. Honestly, whether you are a young family or a retiree, or anywhere in-between, there is somehwere in Netanya that will fit your needs! 

Absolutely! From Poleg to South Beach, there are new projects popping up like mushrooms after rain. We’re talking about expanding these luxurious havens into something even more spectacular! We are currently selling in many of these areas to foreigners. 

Well, prices range from a cool 2.5 million shekels up to 20 million, with some stunners fetching even more. It’s a vibrant market that’s catching eyes worldwide! But no matter what your budget, there really are options across the gamut. 

Let’s just say, compared to Herzliya, Tel Aviv, or Raanana, Netanya’s like finding a designer dress on sale—it’s a steal! 

We’ve got it all—schools, healthcare, shopping that’s fit for royalty, and enough recreational options to make your head spin! Plus, don’t forget those stunning beaches! 

Picture this: from beachside frolics to jazz nights at the local wine bar, Netanya’s a cultural mosaic buzzing with life. Young scouts, Maccabi enthusiasts—it’s a community where everyone finds their groove. 

Oh, we’ve got some juicy projects lined up! Picture fabulous new flats just a stroll away from the beach—you won’t want to miss out on these gems! Some are first line to the beach and some are one-line back – all depends on your budget. 

Netanya’s like fine wine—it gets better with age! With a projected 20% population increase, this city’s set to soar to new heights! 

Some say it’s sleepy here—ha! We’ve got more zest than a lemon tree in summer! 

Come see it for yourself! Let me show you the wow factor that makes Netanya sparkle! 

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